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and lord, bless that nasty chinaman that lives across the street. even though i don't like him, and he doesn't believe in you, and probably eats his pets. but he did help build the railroads, and he is still one of your children, made in your image, blah-blah-blah. amen. amen! amen. now, do we eat? you pray, then you eat, right? boy, you're in for a treat. mom makes a great christmas spread. oh. i got a beautiful honey-baked ham, scalloped potatoes, homemade green beans and german chocolate cake. oh, so my prayers were answered. (laughs) and we will enjoy it right after mass. mass what? christmas mass. mikey and i used to go every year until you pushed your way into the family photo.
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well, if that's something you two enjoy sharing together, i'm fine to just stay here with jim and the ham. we'll go as a family. you're coming, too. patty, would you mind warming up the car while i go put on my christmas frock? absolutely. your toasty chariot will await. want to look nice for the lord. guess these two thought we were going to pick fruit. this was all kind of sprung on me last-minute. why do i try? patrick: i'll honk twice when i've got the windows de-iced. and biggs, help my christmas angel down the sidewalk. who? your mother. she falls and breaks a hip, you are on airport commode duty, checking the stalls for sodomites. yipes. i'll get her to the car safe and sound, sir. this is crazy. who the hell goes to church on christmas eve? those services last forever. i should probably bring a pocketful of ham. you get the ham, i'll keep a lookout.
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(over tv): ♪ forgot, for the sake of auld lang syne... ♪ (sobs) damn it! every year, i try not to cry, but as soon as george bailey finds zeppo's petals, i'm a blubbering mess! aw, you're a big softie. bet i can firm it up for you. joyce, lay off! i'm an emotional wreck right now! (doorbell rings) sounds like another angel just got his wings! damn it, i'm a big girl! i should put barrettes in this wig. hey, jerry. you can call me larry. say, is molly around? no, she and mike are spending the night at his mom's. very convenient. did she happen to leave a check or an envelope of money with my name on it, or for a guy named "harry"?
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tell me you didn't loan her money, 'cause there's a couple of people and a few credit card companies in front of you. i'm sorry to have to do this, but your sister breached our verbal agreement, and there is only one way to rectify the situation. victoria, merry christmas. this is from me and only me. thank you. i feel bad. i didn't get you anything. perhaps we could settle up under the mistletoe. i overstepped, didn't i? i knew it the minute it left my mouth. he truly is the richest man in town! i'm unraveling here! i'm completely unraveling! priest: credo in unum deum, patrem omnipotèntem, factorem caeli et terrae, visibilium omnium et invisibilium. et in unum dominum jesum christum, filium dei unigènitum, et ex patre natum ante omnia sàecula.
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how much longer does this go on? i can't feel my legs. we're not even at halftime. plus, we're out of ham. ♪ mockingbird, tell me, everybody, have you heard? ♪ ♪ have you heard? ♪ he's gonna buy me a mockingbird ♪ ♪ gonna buy you a mockingbird ♪ hey, sexy, you want to sneak upstairs again before they start singing "muskrat love"? joyce, give it a rest. otherwise, new year's eve, i'm gonna have to put ice in my diaper. i can't help it! you look just like al pacino in this thing. get out of here. really? (imitates tony montana): you want to play games, huh? you want to play games? say hello to my little friend! i'll say hello to your little friend.
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hoo-ah! (doorbell rings) just when i thought i was out, you pull me right back in. hello, mrs. moranto. well, look at this. a wise man from the east bearing gifts. i assume the drinking has already commenced. both: ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa at molly's behest, i brought some pies from the restaurant. here is the receipt. the bad news is molly's not home. the good news is we got liquor, and now, pies. patrick: that was a delicious meal, margaret-- a real feast. why don't you boys give jim a quick walk while us gals clear off the table? i saw him chewing on the tree earlier, so there's probably going to be tinsel in his yule log. make it easier to find in the snow. so what are we gonna do now? we don't have to go to church again, do we? well, actually, after dinner, mom usually has me read "'twas the night before christmas,"
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and then we listen to both sides of the jim nabors songs for the holidays. hard to believe that beautiful voice belonged to gomer pyle. speaking of which, why don't we see if jim does his pile on the neighbor's lawn? that's actually very clever, biggs. thank you, sir. it was just sitting there like a softball. it really was a wonderful dinner, peggy. thank you very much. okay... guess i'll get this. you just relax. i'm sure this is the last place in the world you wanted to be tonight. no, not the last. church was actually the last. i appreciate you letting my boy spend the holidays with me. i'm not sure how many more i've got left. i don't imagine you're going anywhere anytime soon. are you? is that your christmas wish? no, not at all. i guess i have been kind of hogging him the last couple of years. that's just your nature. okay.
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you know, when mikey was a kid, his dad and i usually locked horns every holiday. hard to imagine. and unfortunately, it ruined quite a few christmases. and a tree or two. it certainly hasn't soured him on the holidays. that's because he gets to spend them with someone he loves. are you talking about me or you? i'm trying to be sweet to you at christmas. don't make it any harder than it is. sorry. you were saying? i'm saying my boy loves you, you're all right by me, and i could've done a lot worse. wow. thank you, peggy. that was... that was very sweet. consider it your christmas present. i appreciate you coming over here tonight, biggs.
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i know it meant the world to your mom. i'm actually glad i did. i haven't seen her this happy in a long time. i'm guessing some of that's because of you, sir. is that a fact? my dad really didn't treat her very well. she deserves a good man in her life. thank you for saying that. i'd take a bullet for that woman. hopefully, it won't come from her. merry christmas, biggs. we're not at work, sir. you can actually call me mike if you want. okay. and i'm patrick. merry christmas, patrick. son of a gun, he did eat tinsel. it's kind of pretty the way it glistens when the moon hits it. you want to get that, patrick? pick it up, biggs. yes, captain.
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♪ (soft piano intro plays) ♪ chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ ♪ jack frost nipping at your nose ♪ ♪ yuletide carols being sung by a choir ♪ ♪ and folks dressed up like eskimos ♪ ♪ everybody knows ♪ the turkey and some mistletoe ♪ ♪ helps to make the season bright ♪
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♪ tiny tots with their eyes all aglow ♪ ♪ will find it hard to sleep tonight ♪ ♪ although it's been said ♪ many times, many ways ♪ merry christmas ♪ merry christmas to you. captioning sponsored by cbs brought to you by ford. go further. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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this is kpix5 news. back on u.s. soil. the veteran detained in north korea returns to the bay area with many eager to hear his story. >> cars stuck, travelers stranded because of the recent cold snap. and protecting people from the bitter temperatures. the growing efforts to keep the most vulnerable residents warm and safe. and the cold temperatures may be to blame for a fifth bay area death. the alameda coroner's office says a homeless man was found dead in dublin. an autopsy will be held on monday. four people died from hypothermia in the last week. >> temperatures plummeting tonight. we'll be in the low 20s in parts of the north bay. we have freeze warnings posted and a hard freeze warning posted in the central valley. numbering plunging to the 20s
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and low 30s. it will be with us the next few mights. tomorrow night will be colder than it is tonight and tonight is plenty cold. we'll be at 26 at livermore. 27 in san jose. and we'll just be a degree above freezing in san francisco. redwood city is down to 26 and concorde 23. freeze warnings posted throughout the day. let's get the latest. >> brian, it has been cold and challenging week for those living on the streets. kpix on reaching out to the homeless. >> volunteers have been handing out blankets, hats, and socks all day long. trying to convince the homeless population to come inside a warm shelter on a cold night. doing that is not as easy as it sounds. >> you can find homeless hiding in plain sight all across silicon valley. , in public parks, under
11:17 pm
overpasses. people like jimmy. >> very hard. i mean, you don't know where your next meal will come from. you don't know where you'll get a blanket. >> teams of volunteers took to the streets this weekend, trucks packed with supplies searching for any and all of santa clara's 7600 homeless with a new sense of urgency. after four others froze to death this week. >> i have done outreach for a few years now and i've never encountered this many people out there, ever. >> there are plenty of empty beds, but sometimes getting people to come is the hardest part. from the ones who don't know there's help to the ones who don't want the help. >> the point where if somebody said no to you, you stop believing and trusting that people can try. >> many know they are no match for mother nature, not on a night like this. so they line up, a way to stay warm and alive. more than 200 will call this shelter home at least for now.
11:18 pm
>> it's been helping me out, trying to get housing back and get on my feet and straighten out my life. >> but for every shelter bed with a body safe and warm, there are many more on the street cold and alone. >> the shelter has extended hours, more beds and more volunteers during this cold snap. if you would like to help, they are running low on blankets, socks, and toiletries. >> tomorrow is the fifth winter spare the air alert will be in effect. fire pits are banned except with homes with no other source of heat. busy cleaning up a soggy mess after a water main break flooded their neighborhood. they gathered destroyed belongings. last night, thousands of gallons of water gushed down the street and into several homes. one neighbor took us inside to
11:19 pm
see the damage. >> making dinner and by the time i realized what was going on, this whole area was a couple feet deep with water and came out of the front door and had to wade through. >> not clear why the pipe failed. freezing temperatures may have played a part. it will help pay for the damage. >> an early winter storm dumped snow and ice all over the state. interstate 5 was closed earlier today. it has reopened, but the area has seen isolated snow showers and driving conditions are hazardous. and parts of the sierra got plenty of fresh snow and another foot or so is expected tonight. traffic has been heavy with skiers and snow boarders. >> at 85-year-old palo alto man who is detained for weeks by north koreaen government is glad to be back home tonight. meryl newman arrived this morning, but as don knapp reports, he won't comment on his time in captivity. a round of applause greets meryl newman as he walks
11:20 pm
through san francisco's international terminal. back home after being held six weeks by north koreaen government. >> great homecoming, and i'm tired, but here with my family now and thank you all for the support. and very much appreciated. >> newman declined to talk about his experience. news crews waited for hours at the retirement home for a chance to learn more. he didn't show. newman advised south koreaen during the 1950 to 1953 war. on october 26, as he prepared to fly home, north koreaen agents entered the plane and removed him. last week, they released this video reading a so-called confession and apology. >> information of the kpa and attack communication system and kill three innocent operators. >> north koreaen video signaled an impending release
11:21 pm
according to the research director, daniel schneider. >> it was a stupid act on their part and the good thing is they didn't keep it going and hold him for ever and ever, which they are certainly capable of doing. >> suggest an effort to avoid offending north korea as they try to get another american released. many wondered why newman with his history of work would have gone to north for a visit. while the koreaen war may be the forgotten war in the u.s., newman now knows that both emotionally and technically, the war has never ended for north korea. in palo alto, kpix5. >> since 2009, north korea has detained six americans. all but one have been freed. kenneth was detained a year ago and sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. he was also accused of plotting hostile acts against north korea. family released a statement saying they are pleased that
11:22 pm
newman will be with his family for the holidays, adding quote, we believe kenneth should also come home soon. we dearly wish we will also have joyful holidays with kenneth. >> 72 years ago today, the japanese bombed pearl harbor and hawaii and the united states entered world war ii. today, 2500 people gathered at the pearl harbor memorial to mark the solemn anniversary. the crowd observed a moment of silence at 7:55 a.m., the minute the bombing began. 50 survivors took part in that ceremony. and hundreds of people in the east bay remembered today in a special ceremony honoring those vier veries. once again, the beacon on top shines bright, a symbol of endurance, fitting for the survivors attending this year's ceremony in concord. >> a big honor to me and to
11:23 pm
all my shipmates that were at harl harbor. >> with their numbers diminishing each year, the survivor stories are a chance to hear history from those who lived it and for us to remember something they will never forget. >> it is sered into your mind's eye and you can't walk away from it. >> after the attack on pearl harbor in 1941, the beacon was turned off to protect the mainland there an attack. it was decided in 1964 that relighting it every december 7 would be a fitting tribute, but the 85-year-old beacon was showing its age and the annual memorial was in jeopardy. until the community rallied to raise $100,000 and coordinate volunteers to refurbish it. a sign of respect for these men and shipmates. >> a restored beacon. they know the sacrifice they gave and their shipmates gave will last on for generations. >> there's a plea in their voices that we remember the morning that changed history.
11:24 pm
the memorial's accessibility is one of the most important aspects of this tribute. >> you don't have to make an effort to go to it. you don't have to do anything other than make yourself available and that beacon will come to you. >> the beacon will rotate on the summit until sunrise. for a brief moment tonight, it was redirected to point west toward pearl harbor. >> and the annual ceremony was held at cal state east bay because of the cold weather. the family of south african president, nelson mandela, released their first statement today. >> a great man. >> today, mandela's grandchildren accepted flowers. thousands have gathered there day and night since his death to pay tribute. tomorrow will be a national day of prayer and reflection in south africa. on tuesday, a memorial service at a soccer stadium in mandela's former home. up to 100,000 people are
11:25 pm
expected. among them, president obama. he will be layed to rest on december 15. >> same big chill gripping the bay area is expanding. >> manuel shows how it is creating havoc. >> parts of dallas, fort worth appear frozen. cars and trucks have been stranded on highways that became solid sheets of ice overnight. conditions are dangerous. the driver of this pickup truck died when it slid off an overpass on i-35 into a frigid lake. across the region, crews are still trying to restore power to thousands. and weekend events that weren't canceled, like the central florida smu football game saw barely a soul in the stands. about the only place you could find a crowd was dallas, fort worth, international airport. 4,000 people had to spend the night on cots. since thursday, the airlines
11:26 pm
have canceled more than 1,000 flights out of the airport. this airplane has been stuck on an icy tarmac since last night. rodney wood is trying to get to australia. >> i actually need to get to l.a. so i can get my other flight. >> how is that going? >> well, i had a flight this morning that got canceled. now i have one for 3:40. >> bucker in flew in from south africa. she's trying to get to her job on a cruise ship in florida. >> bad experience traveling first time in the u.s. >> as the storm moved east, it also dumps snow on tennessee. the icy mix led to pileups like this one in ohio where more snow is expected. manuel, cbs news, dallas. dallas, fort worth international airport has seven runways, but only two were operational today. sharing personal information without being asked. how california's healthcare exchange says the move is meant to help consumers. >> and no villains to fight
11:27 pm
this time. a mission that brought them back to san francisco today. these are the hands a pediatrician. these are pioneering advances in heart surgery. and these are developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. they're the hands of the nation's top doctors. kaiser permanente doctors.
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and though they are all different, they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. health care through covered california, you you weren't expe if you looked into getting healthcare through covered california, you might get some calls that you weren't expecting. california's health exchange is giving insurance companies the names of tens of thousands of consumers without them knowing. the l.a. times reports the state provided names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses to insurance agents. those consumers research coverage online, but didn't have k to be contacted. the head of the program says the move is meant to make the process easier for consumers. >> aren't the only ones to keep lawyers in the east bay.
11:29 pm
disclosed a letter to an ownership group says he was not satisfied with the club's relocation proposal. the a,'s owner has been trying to move the team to the south bay for years. >> volunteers in san jose got into the holiday giving spirit by building bikes for needy kids. a thousand people from dozens of south bay companies gave their time to build 2400 bikes. some had colorful streamers and bells and baskets and even some training wheels for little kids. >> we live in the heart of silicon valley. electronics, game boys, and that's not what the kids want, number one. what they want number one is a bike. >> the big bike build is in its ninth year. the bikes were distributed to dozens of local charities. then give them out to needy kids. >> and san francisco's favorite superhero returned to the city today.
11:30 pm
ann reports bad kid is using his celebrity to help other children. five-year-old, miles scott made headlines around the world when the make a wish foundation made his dream to become bat man a reality. miles battled leukemia for most of his life. on november 15, he fought evil villains. thousands came out to support him as he supped around san francisco in a bat mobile for staged crime fighting events. and today, bat kid returns for brave the bay, a fundraiser for make a wish, including a 5k walk, run, when bat kid led. >> if he can help anybody by doing, dressing up and being bat kid, then that's what we want. >> it's a reality the scott family is trying to process. >> we didn't expect him to be a celebrity or anything. >> miles is more than happy to ablige. >> how do you like being bat kid? >> the five-year-old's leukemia is in remission and he
11:31 pm
ended chemotherapy in june. miles lives in northern california and on today's trip to the big city, he proved again to be the strong and silent type. >> if you could say anything to anybody, what would you say this second? >> i don't know. >> miles also reunited with police chief, greg sir, who play the commissioner gordon last time around, congratulating him. >> it's really just all about making wishes come true for kids who have gotten a tough draw. >> part of today's fundraiser, a dive into the cold san francisco bay. >> doesn't feel cold. it's a great warm feeling. anything for kids. >> the goal for today's fundraiser, $75,000, save the day. in san francisco, ann, kpix5. >> the scott family recently established that bat kid fund to support make a wish and
11:32 pm
ronald mcdonald, which help miles during his treatment. >> what a beautiful sight for skiers and snow boarders. fresh snow is piling up in the sierra and several lake tahoe resorts are open. the mountain resort got to 2 feet of powder. so was able to open two more runs today. and kirkwood is also open this weekend after getting nearly 3 feet of new snow last night. the resort opened new runs and plans to open more later this month. >> let's pick up where we left off, which is showing you what the forecast lows are and it will be bone-chilling cold. unless you haven't heard the fact that it's going to be colder tomorrow night. tonight we'll get down to 22 in santa rosa. 26 degrees at livermore. 27 in san jose. right now, the numbers are below freezing in santa rosa a already at 28 degrees. livermore has 35 and oakland is at 36 chilly degrees. wind speeds are calm and that's not helping keeping
11:33 pm
temperatures up. calm winds, it will get colder and we have the strongest winds, about 5 miles an hour. those winds will pick up by monday. but in the meantime, we have clear skies and an icy night tonight and out the door tomorrow morning, bundle up. temperatures will be in the near 40-degree range at 8:00 in the morning. and by the afternoon, we recover nicely to the near 50- degree range around the coast. got plenty of sun for the bay and inland where the numbers tomorrow will be in the mid 40s. this is all, by the way, about 15 degrees below average highs for this time of the year and the 49ers are going to be playing the seahawks tomorrow, 1:25 p.m. game time temperature of 48 degrees. i know by california standards, it's cold. colorado, they laugh at us. low pressure is over the four corners region right now and it's that low triggering -- the jet stream in here and that jet stream showing you the difference between the dividing really, between the colder air north and the relatively warm
11:34 pm
air to the south and it sunk all the way down to mexico. as a result, there's nothing to stop the plunge of air. they have ice storms in the midwest. for us, we get cold readings tonight, another sunny and chilly day for sunday, but things are going to be changing. here's what is next. freezing lows. we'll have freeze warnings posted through monday night. warming trend will begin tuesday. look at that pocket of cold air that is coming down from canada. as far south as denver. it's going to head east now. pinpoint forecast heading into the great valley. hard freeze warnings tonight. 46 for san francisco and sunshine and you can see there were 10 degrees below average readings for this time of the year. the city tomorrow 48 degrees, 10 degrees off of its average high. 47 for san jose and mountain view. just about the same. walnut creek. up in the north bay will be in the mid to upper 40s.
11:35 pm
alameda 49 degrees and up in the far north, mid 40s. extended forecast, wow, get your shorts out. by the end of the week, looking for numbers to skyrocket to the low 60s again. we'll have to wait for that until thursday, friday, and saturday. you'll notice clouds latter half of the clouds, clouds, but no rain. >> we've seen it all. >> it will be cold for a few more days and it will warm up. >> g-force announced tonight. >> all kinds of football to talk about. san ramon on the high school level and stanford went for the roses in the desert against arizona state. that's all coming up in sports. the revolutionary temperature-balancing layer with active air technology that works on any mattress brand, including yours. it's only at a sleep number store, where this holiday season, the hottest sleep innovations make the coolest gifts, including sleep number dual temp.

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